Why Having a Drill Press in Your Workshop Is a Good Idea

What kind of workshop doesn’t have a drill press? In my opinion, only a badly equipped workshop would make do without such an important piece of equipment. There are just so many situations that require you to drill holes, and performing this task by hand is simply not a good idea. Besides the fact that you will find yourself tired at the end of your project, you will be frustrated, too, since you will find the holes you drilled uneven and misplaced.

Nothing beats the accuracy of a drill press. This is what I am talking about. When it comes to precision drilling, it is impossible to beat a reliable drill press. You do not only need to drill holes that are at an equal distance from one another, but you need to make sure that the same width and depth are acquired. Without a drill press, I don’t see how such a thing would be possible.


Another thing I love about drill presses is that they are very fast at what they do. If you have ever tried to drill holes by hand, you surely know what a time-consuming process that is. Besides the fact that they are fast, they are accurate, as showed above, which means that you will no longer have to waste time with the usual precautions for a job well done. This is where drill presses excel compared to handheld devices.


Drill presses are powered by high-performance motors. There are simply projects where the use of a handheld drill is not recommended because the device does not have enough power. The leverage provided by the locking mechanism a drill press comes equipped with makes harnessing the motor power an even easier process. At the end of the day, you will be happy and less tired than you would when using a handheld drill. Now, the best power drill press is a serious investment, so I suggest doing a bit of research about the model you will buy. 

I think that having a drill press in your workshop is a fantastic idea because this type of tool allows you to drill angled holes. No other tool can help you achieve this kind of operation, so it goes without saying that your overall performance and ability to tackle projects is significantly improved.

In case you need to do more than simply drill holes, you will be happy to learn that drill presses are quite versatile and they can be used in combination with other tools, for other types of tasks. For instance, if you attach a rotary sanding disk to your drill press, you will be able to perform sanding tasks without a problem.

Do not forget that safety is paramount when you are working on your DIY projects. Drill presses come with safety features that will protect you while you are working.